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Bull Master Kennels Olde English Bulldogges

Olde English Bulldogges 

 Breeding bulldogs since 1980



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About Us

..... I have had bull dogs since 1980. I  bred and raised my own bulldogs and  my first Olde English bull dogge in 1980 when some of the big names were starting to recreate the Olde English Bulldogge that had been lost for 250 years plus.  Showing in my early years and winning several champion ships , awards and trophies for the bulldogs I raised was an important part of my life  In 1980, my goal was to breed a quality healthy bull dog with a certain look, most were white head and massive body, friendly towards people and wonderful companions. I accomplished this over the many years and competed in local shows.  Now that my children are grown and I have tendered toward the Olde English Bulldogge for its wonderful temperament, healthy background, thick bully body and loving nature, we continue to have a few litters a year as they are wonderful intelligent family pets, every family should have an Olde English bulldogge for a pet. They are great with Children and other pets.  We  are breeding our own style of  the Olde English bulldogge based on the true Healthier bulldogge of the past. 

A healthy bulldogge that is friendly to people and other pets, who loves to be with you, loyal smart and intelligent. A dog that can be in doors and out, whelp naturally and have a very active life as a family pet. We have a unique band of breeding dogs  from some of the best bloodlines and breeders for our program utilizing our IOEBA and Olde Victorian Bulldogges and WBA registered bulldogges.  We want to be as close to the olde style bulldogge as possible with a constant standard in looks, qualities, as in the old days.  We see in our breeding dogs the qualities we so want to bring out in our program.  EVERY HOUSE HOLD should have one of these wonderful dogs. They are smart, funny, friendly, loyal, obedient and very much a part of our life. My wife was not a bull dog fan until she had her own personal  Olde bulldogge experience. What is the Olde bulldogge Experience?  You will have to ask her, what ever it may have been,  this is her now with her two favorites at the end of her bed . Yes , She has her favorites. These two will have a litter in April of 2010 so stay tuned , we can hardly wait!!!


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