JUNIOR  is our sweet big thick boy, he is from bricks and stones bullys he is a Joy to be around and we are very happy to have him in our program ,Junior is smart , he is a thick male with a huge head, he loves everyone and every pet, he, Musgy and Gwedo are best friends, when given every opportunity he runs for the woods, they love to explore nature and chase deer. He plays in the creeks and swims across the deep spots, nothing is to hard for Junior, he can jump 5 feet high standing straight in front of me, he is athletic yet very bully , you would not suspect he could endure the temps he does, he gives his paw when asked and he is a loving male, we could not be happier with our addition to our family. His first litter with Abigail we could not be more happier, he had a beautiful array of colors , all are exquisite looking and very sweet, see litter 2 for his progeny 

black tri olde english bulldogge

black tri olde english bulldogge male