Welcome to the page for our beautiful olde English bulldogge female Crystal

SIRE AND DAM -  Mugsy and Boogie B
exotic blue merle olde english bulldogge maleexotic blue merle olde english bulldogge blue olde english bulldogge female

Crystal  is an Exotic Blue Merle Blue Eye Tri Olde English bulldogge female

Registered IOEBA , Blue Ribbon and Generational puppy. Papers are in hand

Crystal is a beautiful blue merle tri olde English bulldogge female, she loves to be with you more than she wants to eat, like her sister sapphire, Crystal is always right there to greet you and give you lots of hugs and kisses, she is great with people and other pets , a super sweet loving bully thick lil girl. Crystal is the biggest female in the litter of 7 girls, she is thick wrinkled exquisite looking with her beautiful baby blue eyes, Crystal has had her first 5 way puppy vaccination and is up to date on wormings, she loves to play with stuffed animals as well as eat leaves. Crystal reminds me of Mugsy her dad so much, both parents are equally healthy and have a superb temperament that they have passed to their offspring, dad is free breeder and mom whelps natural.  No Csection ever needed on our females and all the males breed naturally,  They are free to roam our woods and all have great breathing, they can run and play and jog in all temperatures. We do also believe that NO DOG of Any Breed should be left in the heat with out shade and water but these dogs can play in hot and cold temperatures. Mugsy and boogieB are athletic healthy parents . Not all bulldogges can run with a German Shepherd in the woods in the summer or winter, our dogs can and do. We try not to let them all out at the same time but sometimes they get out and go exploring and as any mom of any family member i worry until i see them come running home. We have lots of creeks and trees here and our neighbors are miles away so they love to run.

If you have any questions please call/ text at 573-434-4718 . If we do not answer you right away we will call you  back , not all of our property gets cell service especially where the horses are located.  You can also visit our face book page at bull master kennel or on you tube under horsesandbulldogs . Since 1980.
blue merle  blue eye olde english bulldogge female
blue merle blue eye olde english bulldogge female    
blue merle blue eye olde english bulldogge female    
blue eye blue merle olde english bulldogge female